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Humanware incorporates hardware
and software elements comprising
the elements related to IT e-wave
devices, and professional
development of IT systems

Educational Objectives

  1. 1. E.Radio Engineering expertise to gain an understanding of
        social issues and actualities, based on each
  2. 2. Basic science as a hands-on learning of the faithful in the
        creative design skills are required.
  3. 3. Formulate the technical problem, the ability to organize and
        do it with an experiment using high technology tools to plan and
        cultivate the ability to perform
  4. 4. Engineering ethics and the future value creation and industrial development has to
        cultivate the ability to lead

Major programs Operating

Ability to graduate certification

  • Differential Integral Calculus a complete course for major general courses Integrated authentication only for engineering students in liberal arts base area overlapping recognition -Integrated Liberal Arts Course selection for engineering certification of students taking introductory programming only duplicate recognition in liberal arts majors
  • Ability to graduate certification : ABEEK system to apply the year after the 2006 regular TOEIC 650 points or more students or TOFEL(cbt) 193 or more points to get a submission within the period required to submit College of Electronics and Information Administration graduate has the ability to receive the certification.
* However, Differential Integral Calculus 1, Introduction to Programming courses completed for credit or obtain a duplicate admit, but the inclusion does not overlap.

Certification Materials

New students
Since year 2006 to operate a certification program to students enrolled in departments
Transfer Students
Since 2008 Transfer Grade
Returning students
Returning grade students enrolled prior to 2006 as a freshman and graduated after year 2006 if the same point
All students
Other engineering students completed training from an accredited program as a freshman and graduated after 2006 when the grade is equal.

Transfer student admission policy and review standards of the certification